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About TEF

The Tissot Economic Foundation is a non profit organization launched in 1980 to stimulate regional innovation capacities towards new markets, in the then-in-crisis clock making industry of the Swiss Jura Arc area

Several supporting initiatives have been accompanying this initial goal, in the public as well as in the private sector, as means to increase options out of the mono-industrial tradition that was prevailing

A fundamental objective has always been to foster new market options on the basis of existing industrial core competences, the first attempt  out of the clock-making domain, in the 80s, being in the medical engineering sector (pace-makers and then other high-level medical devices)

As a means to expand  further this local activity, an international network of partners and contacts has been set up both to increase technological intelligence and market options

This unique combination, born out of historical necessities, have been engineered into a generic service, capable of addressing a large  variety of regional and innovation-oriented undertakings.