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Past Achievements

Beside the pioneering industrial achievements of the Tissot family since the mid-nineteenth century, which can be discovered in the book «Les Tissot au Locle, créateurs d’industries» (in English: «The Tissot in Le Locle, industry shapers»), Luc Tissot and The Tissot Economic Foundation have initiatrd a competence migration from the watch  industry towards other markets, starting in the 80s with the medical engineering sector, further pursuing in a variety of new domains where the skills of the watch makers could do wonders (see publications):

  • in the 80s and 90s, pace-maker and progammable valves to monitor internal brain pressure;

  • in the 2000s, other life-changing innovation targets in the medical sector as well as expanding options through new projects (such Minnovarc for instance) and connecting to new business models worldwide

As a broader image, the trend towards new markets based on watchmakers’ skills and finding or exploring new tracks towards world markets and global entrepreneuring spirit has been prolonged by the achievements of many other players in the 90s and 2000s, in Switzerland and elsewhere; the Tissot Economic Foundation activity is about stimulating and opening perspectives reenforcing or redeploying existing strengths.